Sunday, May 29, 2011

A jaunt through Forest Park

It's a relief to see that it's only been 18 days since the 600K -- it feels like I've put in about five miles of saddle time since then.

Of course, I do have two decent excuses... first of all, being hired for a sales position at the downtown Bike Gallery (and being thrown right into a near 40-hour work week), and, second of all, tweaking my ankle in some mysterious way while doing an easy spin down to Canby and back. That ankle kept me off the bike -- and even limited my walking -- for a couple of days, then I eased back into slow commuting with platform pedals and only today was able to spandex up and put in a decent effort.

Well, not that decent. Just from the DTBG to the Pearl District, up Thurman to Forest Park, then the ubiquitous dirt/gravel route of Leif Erikson to Saltzman.

The aftermath:

Nothing like mucked up white steel.

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