Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bike blog backlog, part 1 of 4

For some reason, haven't updated this in two-ish months. Alas! It's certainly not because I've been too busy with worthwhile pursuits... hmm.

Anyway, to start, here's the story of David Parson's Dixie Mountain 100K (#1303), which also served as the inaugural long ride on my new Olmo fixed gear rando bike.

Things got off to a good start, with a breakfast of champions:

I went (solo) out of town on Cornell, then 53rd to Thompson/Germantown/Philips/Helvetia. Somewhere early along that stretch, I found a car cemetery of sorts:

And this somewhat odd, but certainly well-meaning, sign:

I had dug up one of the first wool hats I had ever made from a pile of misc crap... it still looked and fit quite nicely, just with a slightly warped bill:

Soon enough, I turned onto Dixie Mountain and began my slog up through several miles of hard-packed gravel. The Olmo and myself stopped for a little creekside photo op:

As you can see, I said "yes" to every possible bright color, and a rad handlebar bag from Swift Industries in Seattle. Bagel and cream cheese was the food du jour:

Up and up we went (OK, maxing out at only about 1400 feet elevation), with some rather lovely views and zero traffic:

As you might expect, I ran into a rather strong bike contingency when I left the gravel roads and rejoined Skyline (it was, more or less, the first nice Saturday of 2012):

The last little stretch back into urban Portland takes you through Forest Park, via Saltzman and then Leif Erickson, and at the juncture of the two trails I ran into a bunch of Reed College students on rental MTBs from Sellwood Cycles.

I cruised with them at 8mph for a while, then left them behind and headed back home. 114KM total in barely under seven hours, done in a leisurely manner.

Bonus picture of perhaps the favorite bike part I own, peppered with NW PDX mud:

The end!

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