Monday, March 18, 2013

Permanent #1650 -- Cuthbert Binns

On the opposite end of the terrain spectrum from Horace Slughorn 100K, there's this ride. 68 miles, and the highest point of elevation is the 9th Ave pedestrian crossing over Powell Blvd. Thank you, Sauvie Island!

It's a rather ridiculously simple route -- out Highway 30, onto Sauvie, over to an info control out-and-back on the island, then another info control out-and-back, then back onto 30 and home.

Any semi-fast rider could easily find themselves up against the minimum time limit (3h40m); or, you could take a two-hour picnic on Sauvie and still finish in time without feeling rushed at all. Me, I'll probably use this as a training route of sorts, a nice way to get more comfortable keeping up an 18mph pace for several consecutive hours.

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