Sunday, April 14, 2013

Went down to the valley and it was, like, you know? Totally.

Seized the opportunity of a totally free Saturday with a not-terrible weather forecast to go ride a new 300K with David, down through Aumsville and Jefferson and Scio and such as.

Ta-da, on Strava, with four phone photos.

The pace/result was somewhere in between the last two 200's I did with David (a 13-hour slog through Scappoose/St Helens hills, and a 9-hour attack of Ripplebrook). With a handful of lazy convenience store snack stops and a shifting fairly stiff wind that only occasionally pushed at our backs, I wrapped up the ride in 15:54. Got back into inner SE in time to head over to Sparky's for a huge greasy slice of two dollar pizza (or, you know, four slices for eight bucks), but couldn't quite bring myself to ride past Boise St and just flop onto couch then bed.

Other than providing a faceful of wind for several hours, most of the outbound leg was great -- Boones Ferry and Howell Prairie, then Liberty and Lake and Ankeny Hill. Coming back was much more familiar territory, dating back to my one-way rides to Salem or Corvallis or Eugene from the last few years, but the Canby-Boring connection was excellent, especially a steep descent down Henrici in the last remnants of daylight.

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