Sunday, September 23, 2012

Drops in the bucket

Getting closer...

To my somewhat lofty goal of logging 10000 RUSA kilometers in this calendar year. Six thousand, eight hundred, and seventy-one as of this writing.

Conveniently, today (er that is, before midnight that brought Sunday) was the 265th of the year. So, 3130km left in a hundred days. Quite doable!

Today's contribution was David's "One Big Hill" 200K, out (and up) to Silver Falls. I played a game of chase-the-faster guy for the majority of our riding time, thanks mostly to his own ridiculously high mileage for the year, but also aided by a poor night of sleep for myself and a shockingly warm day for which I was completely unprepared in a long-sleeve, heavy-knit jersey. Bah.

On the plus side, even an imperfect ride was finished in under 10 hours, a good sign as September comes to an end and we lose more and more daylight.

It's a beautiful area -- out of Silverton on Drift Creek Road, then up OR-214. Nice mix of wide open rolling farmland and a few stretches of shaded forest...

And the only photo I took was one of this awesome road sign in Silverton on the way back. Oops.

Oops. Anyway, limped home through Mount Angel then watched a bunch of college football and sort of botched a scratch pasta recipe but ate a huge bowl anyway.

This was my seventh permanent ride of the month: two runs (110K) at Sauvie Island (gasp! done without camera documentation!), then a Birkenfeld (230K) trip:

Which included my first time on the Crown Zellerbach dirt/gravel trail (completely awesome):

After that was a solo run up to Vancouver Lake (108K) on an afternoon whim; two days later, Lynne made a Facebook post looking for a Sunday ride, so I wound up doing it again. Her thoughts and photos, too. A couple of semi-leisurely finish times -- 5:54 and 5:25 -- despite the complete lack of elevation and perfect weather. Too many late-season blackberries to pick, I suppose.

Then a trip for Joe's Donuts (103K) on a surprisingly cold Thursday, and that catches me back up to today. Cheers!

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