Monday, September 3, 2012


110K this morning on an inaugural run of permanent #1650 with David. Not bad!

It's a very pretty route for the middle 35 miles around Sauvie Island -- you get rivers, fields, farms, beaches (including one clothing-optional one tucked just out of sight), and, most of all, as little elevation as is possible anywhere I've ever been within Oregon.

Of course, to get to Sauvie, you gotta head out through NW PDX and Highway 30... not nearly as nice. I chose to use Front Ave to Kittridge in both directions, which is nice for avoiding traffic lights (and, on a Sunday, traffic) -- but on the other hand, there's about a dozen railroad track intersections in a five-mile stretch. Not very fun. They're all closer to perpendicular than parallel, but some are at enough of an obtuse angle that you have to swerve fairly drastically to cross safely. And, if you were riding on a weekday, that's a huge industrial area, so heavy truck traffic.

I think a revision is in order. Nicolai seems like a better option.

Other than that, a fast, mostly great route. One of these days, the whole damn thing in under four hours (this time we were 3:55 at the 100K point). Crazy to think that certain Jan Heiney types will maintain that for a whole damn 600K.

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